Smartest Options for the Best Travel Options

Smartest Options for the Best Travel Options

It’s good when you manage to buy tickets at a sale or stay for free at a hotel for a special offer. But you cannot predict luck, and you never want to overpay. We have collected travel-life hacks that help to guarantee guaranteed savings on travel. From screenhaus you can have the best deal of information present now.

Travel off-season

Find out when the high season is coming for your destination, and plan a trip before or after the peak. For example, it is not necessary to go to the beaches of Spain in August, when the local vacation season and beaches are packed in three layers, and the prices for tickets and hotels are sky-high. In September, the weather on the Costa del Sol and, for example, on the Balearic Islands is still resort, but vacationers are much less, and the cost of rest is lower.

Do not peck at tourist places

Alanya instead of Fethiye in Turkey, Lyon instead of Paris in France, Sozopol instead of Albena in Bulgaria, Brooklyn instead of Manhattan in New York, Sanur instead of Nusa Dua in Bali – choose less well-developed vacation spots. A city, resort, beach or area with a famous name will not necessarily be better than the neighboring one, but it will certainly be more expensive.

Avoid holiday dates

Flights on holidays are always more expensive. If you want to have a cheap rest and calmly see the city at your own pace, make sure that you fly to Venice or Rio de Janeiro not at the height of the carnival, and in China, your “golden week” of holidays does not fall on your dates when the country celebrates the formation of China and locals do not work but walk in parks and attractions. During major festivals, places in hotels cannot be found, and those that strongly jump in price.

Look for information at home


To reduce unexpected expenses, carefully prepare for the journey before departure. Find out how much a taxi from the airport to your hotel costs, is there a free shuttle service and how to get there by bus or metro. Check out the free days at museums where you want to go and look for travel cards with discounts on attractions. For example, on the first Sunday of every month, you can get to the Louvre for free, and the Jerusalem City Pass discount card allows you to save a lot of money on access to the sights of Israel.

Find out how it is more profitable to pay

Read in advance on the Internet or ask your bank how best to pay where you go and how much they will charge for cash withdrawals in another country. For example, in Argentina and Uzbekistan, where the “black course” operates, it is not profitable to pay with a card.

On vacation, try not to buy souvenirs near the sights and on the main tourist streets. It is better to go to the local bazaar or flea market and especially not to show that you are a tourist. If this is not possible, ask local people for approximate prices for yours and bargain fervently so as not to overpay several times just because you are a foreigner.

If the level of economy is hard or you travel light, refuse souvenirs at all. The most valuable things you can bring from any trip are memories. And for relatives and friends you can always print and sign postcards from your own photos, for them it will definitely be more expensive than another magnet.