Your Choices for the Best wooden doll house

Your Choices for the Best wooden doll house

At first glance, it may seem simple to choose the dollhouse. But the fact is that there are so many variations that you need to understand what differentiates one model from another. To help you in this endeavor, we have created this Buying Guide. Here we will show you everything you need to know about playing dollhouse and what to observe before buying the best one. The use of the wooden doll house happens to be perfect there.

What is a dollhouse?

Here’s a toy that has been around since the beginning of time: the doll’s house. A representation of routine within the homes of all families, the dollhouse stands firm even in times of high technology. More common in the universe of girls, the dollhouse, however, extends to the play of boys and the whole family.

From the simplest, often handcrafted, to the most modern, there are options for every taste and budget today. Manufactured as if it were a replica of real houses, the dollhouse usually reproduces realistically and in miniature every room of a residence.

Even in a simple and small house, you can find the living room, the TV room, the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. In most contemporary models, the dollhouse gains various themes, even with a treehouse. Besides, of course, accessories that stimulate even more fun such as swimming pools, elevators, stairs, among others.

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In addition, what brings life to the dollhouse play is the furniture that will compose the environment according to the child’s desire. Also in miniature, tables, chairs, beds and all the furniture in a home complete the scenery of the dollhouse. And finally, the main stars of the game come into play: the dolls. The fact is that with this traditional play, children stimulate creativity and imagination by telling and creating stories so much so that this is an activity recommended by the experts.

How does playing dollhouse influence development?

More than reproducing everyday situations and stimulating the emotional development of the child, playing with a doll’s house has many other benefits. Here are the key to understanding the scope of this game in personal development:

Promotes effective bonds

The doll is not just an object but an important part of the story created in the child’s imagination. Children tend to cling to their dolls, take them to school or take a trip, which is beneficial for the development of affection. According to experts, the doll is not just an object, but an important part of the story created in the child’s imagination. That is, she can be considered a daughter, a sister or even a little friend.

Facilitates the expression of emotions

Often children have difficulty expressing themselves emotionally. However, when they are immersed in a story, playing dollhouse, and children tend to let go. Within a story, they can create connections with the characters. Children feel free and more comfortable expressing themselves.

Develops creativity

Playing at home unleashes the imagination. So it is also cool for the adult to accompany the child to stimulate their creativity. The focus here is not to monitor the little ones, but to participate in instigating new ways of playing, including using makeshift objects in the cottage.

Socialization and autonomy

When playing with doll’s house, the socialization of the little ones is also stimulated, not only because of the interaction with the dolls but also because it is common for children to call friends to play with