Why people use microcemento for flooring and walls?

Why people use microcemento for flooring and walls?

Micro cement is commonly known as a micro screed or micro concrete, and it is made of polymer customized cement finish. The microelement is generally used for decorative coatings, thin walls, floorings and stair coatings for residential or commercial or even for industrial purpose. Although there are several types of cement available in the market people, choose micro-cement, especially for the decorative purpose, is due to its strong bonding feature. Since the micro-cement has strong bonding power, it can easily stick to all type of surfaces either it may be decorative surfaces such as wood or concrete or in flooring surfaces like tiles. Many people would have wrongly thought that this microcemento is only used for new wall decorative or new flooring of a building. But in reality, it is a totally wrong opinion these microelements can be used for existing flooring surfaces since they can easily adapt to all types of concrete walls and floors. Thus mirocemento is widely used for renovation work of walls and floorings too.

Why microcemento is used for the decorative purpose?

Although there are several ways to make decorative coating most of the people choose Microcement by combining them with water which makes them a resin and provides a strong surface with flexible in nature and gives finest finishing quality. Moreover, there is some cement which has some specification for usage, but the microelements can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces for all purpose such as floors, stairs, terrace, roof, and recesses. Since the micro-cement is applied through the hand, there is no necessity for grout lines or joints it gives a clean surface.

How to apply micro-cement coating?


When people use micro-cement it offers a guarantee for long years only when they are properly coated and mixed. Even though micro-cement is capable of delivering strong, flexible and water resistance fine finish coating surfaces they need to be done proper coatings in order to have all these. Many can think about how to have proper coatings of micro-cement? To make the process simpler here are steps listed below.

  • As a first step prepare the coating surface by applying two layers of microbes along with mesh, this would give proper finishing of microelement.
  • In the second layer, the micro base is mixed with color pigment then applied to the surface.
  • Once two layers of microbes are applied, now make micro cement as a top coat in two layers. The microcement combines with color pigment and provides desired shape, color and texture as a final result.
  • As a final step made two coats of pre sealer when it dried then apply two coats of polyurethane sealer which helps to protect the coated surface from water, strain, and

Once all coating is perfectly done, let the surface for some time to get dry. If people follow the above steps and coat the surface with a proper microcemento coating which would make the surface strong. In addition while following this person can get rid of stains on the surface such as lemon, red wine, coffee, vinegar and even more after cleaning.