Why is Instagram so popular?

Why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram is an application that was founded in the year 2010. It is owned by Facebook now. You can download instagram photos easily from Instagram. Instagram is an application that is especially used to upload photos and videos. You cannot write a text and upload it or update it as you do on Facebook and Twitter. It is essential to upload only videos and pictures on Instagram.

Instagram is so popular among the youtube generation. Facebook is used bu most of the adults. But Instagram is used mainly by the teenage and young adult generation. These gen people really want a fast and attractive platform, That is why Instagram is there for., these people are born in the fast-paced world. They find it difficult to read texts that are long. These texts are therefore omitted on Instagram. You can upload stats only on Facebook. Since these people are fast-paced, the contact they are consuming should also be a visual treat to them.

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So that is why there are always pictures and videos. Pictures ad videos are easily consumable content. Whereas blogs and written texts are quite hard for this generation because they do not have the patience to read it.

Recently all the youths have been inclined towards TikTok, a famous Chinese app that is used for dubbing. This TikTok was banned in major countries of usage like India and America. The young people who were so into TikTok were under a heat becue of the ban of the TikTok. So the Instagram application decided to launch something that is similar to the TikTok in Instagram.S So there is no particular app that is concentrated on the dubbing alone., This reel is incorporated in the Instagram itself. So if you go to the left top corner of the Instagram you will find a camera button. If you click the camera button you will be able to see options like a living, create, video, etc. No after the new update there is something known as the Instagram, reels that are available. This reel is something that is like TikTok only, 0 short time dubbed videos. This feature has been appreciated all over the country and also acts as a perfect replacement for TikTok.

It is quite easy to download Instagram pictures, videos, and reels. All you have to do its go to one of the many extensions that are available on the net and copy-paste the link of the photo or video or reel that you need to download and then click the download option. Te video, picture, or the reel will be downloaded into your device.

Also, saving a picture and video is very easy on Instagram. You just have to click the plag icon at the button right corner of the picture or video to save the video or the picture. But in the case of reels, it is not like that, you have to have a different application to save the reels. In TikTok, it was much earlier to save and share the reels but on Instagram, it is quite complicated.