What is training and what about trainers?

What is training and what about trainers?

You know that training is just before you do something, right? If you are a new employee in a company, then they will give training to you, right? Training is an important thing in human resource development. It is nothing but it is practice. Did you hear some famous quotes? That is practice makes a man perfect. Even this is a famous quote for training too. Training is improving our skills and improving every aspect of our individualities. Even I can’t write these articles without training. So, Training is a must for everyone before doing their work. What about the trainer? A person who teaches or train at other people. Then that person is called a trainer. All trainers are must be experienced. Because only experience peoples guide fresher people. Sometimes trainers are sweet but sometimes they are anger according to our performance. So, don’t hesitate to take the training.

What about online training?

In normal training, you have to face the trainer face to face. But, if it comes to online training, then you won’t face the trainer physically. But you have to face your trainer on your monitor. Yeah, if you get or give training through online, then it will call online training. How are you interfering with online? You can interfere with online through images, audios, videos, weblinks, or some other online interference. Sometimes online training is better than normal training but sometimes they don’t. Think about normal training; imagine your school that you can get an education within some period only. Then only online training or education comes in to play. Yes, you can get an education or train without any time online. In recent days, our children are in the online education phase because of the quarantine. It gives a new experience for everyone. And think about other things that are if you are joining a new company, then they will your training, right? You have to attend the training day by day. Online training is breaking this wall. Yes, you can get training from anywhere and anytime. But mostly many companies didn’t compromise with online training. They believe in face to face training gives the best output for their company.

What did they are offering?

Online training is mostly preferred for online courses. If you want to learn some courses, and then you won’t go there. Online training gives a major opportunity for learning courses through online. Did you hear about edx?  Edx is one of the online platforms to learning free online courses from various best universities and companies. After you complete your courses they will give certificates for your courses. These certificates are valuable for your future career. Some corporate companies are conducting programs for their employers to improve their skills. This is called as corporate training.

How to get an online course?


Many platforms are offering free online courses. For example, if you want to get a free course from edx, then you will follow these instructions.

  • First of all, you will install the edx app or browse into the edx website.
  • And signup with your details or if you already have an account, you will sign indirectly.
  • Then choose your courses.
  • Learn your courses successfully.