What is Microcement and how it is useful for construction works?

What is Microcement and how it is useful for construction works?

Microcement which is also known as micro-concrete and it is a polymer modified cement based coating which is used to apply on the wall, staircases and floors. It is used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Due to its strong bonding property, it can be also applied on all the surfaces including wood and tiles. It can be also applied on an existing concrete flooring surface to make it even stronger. It provides a look and feels of concrete at half the cost and weight of the real concrete so it is widely preferred by the interior designers and business owners.

It is a great option for the kitchens, washrooms and even pool areas because of its ability to customize the material in terms of color, tone, and finish. The carrcrete microcement looks like timber and it is used in the hard flooring which gives a glossy lamination to the flooring. Microcement provides durability and long life to the flooring so it is widely used among the house owners and business people.

Types of Microcement

There are different types of microcement depending upon the properties and its uses which include Microbase and it is used to get rustic floors and walls which give an attentive look with a coarse texture to the floors and walls. It is also utilized as a preparation base for other flooring finishes. Next is Microstone which used for exteriors due to its uniform color and appearance like a stone. It also has a thick texture and non-slippery properties. The Microdeck which commonly used for the internal floors due to its resistance and it has a medium texture.

Microfine is used as the coating for the wall as it has a fine texture finish and also has a diversity of finishing the watermark effects on the walls. It is also used for residential flooring. The last type is Aquaciment which is used for coating pools and ponds because of its resistance to salt and chlorine that is present in water. The calcrete microcement is used in hard flooring surfaces and it is applied on the floor up to 3mm thickness which gives an ultimate versatile finishing to the floor.

Advantages of using Microcement Flooring

carrcrete microcement

Microcement flooring is commonly used in a domestic environment to renovate and redecorate the living area. Microcement is versatile and due to this property, the person can alter the color or design of the floor in the future without any problem. You can keep on be changing your living area according to the latest trend. Micro concrete does not require any compaction and there are no heavy machines required during the process. Another major advantage is micro cement is less permeable so that it can be used outside the kitchens and washrooms.

It has a strong bonding property and it bonds well with any surface when applied over it and makes the surface strong as soon as possible. It does not create any cracks or folds when applied over any surface and it also safe and durable. Microcement flooring all the best flooring option for both residential and commercial purposes because its fine finishing look provides additional beauty to the place.