What is JuicyFields? And FAQ about JuicyFields

What is JuicyFields? And FAQ about JuicyFields

JuicyFields is the unrest of CrowdGrowing furthermore “participative lifestyle”. This Berlin-based enterprise has for positive well versed in the digital improvement of medical weed.

Established in 2019, the organization has prolonged to the north of 130,000 crowd growers and 9 weed corporation accomplices around the world. The company’s accomplice’s work in Costa Rica, Colombia, Denmark, Portugal, and South Africa, nations with laws best for Maryjane creation and commodity.

The medical marijuana enterprise develops extremely brief, the need is increasing and cultivators cannot keep up. The JuicyFields e-improvement stage gives participatory cultivators everywhere on the planet the previous threat to associate with clinical pot makers in extensively growing enterprise sectors.

Is it valid to increase?

We are discussing medical pot, it’s far evolved, equipped and bundled for drug and helpful employments. Along those traces, you are not looking after the medicine exchange, yet as a substitute helping the modern paintings of a fast-developing part of the financial system, clinical marijuana.


All of Juicy Fields’ growing and managing accomplices are completely authorized to develop and cope with the scientific marijuana of their country. This is additionally its team spirit, carrying out international cooperation between numerous cultivators, paying little heed to their vicinity.

How to turn into an e-cannabiculturist?

Turning into a medical weed manufacturer could not be easier. You are a part of the Juicy Fields website, put in your request, and maintain returned to collect the advantages 108 days after the reality.

By buying a plant at the website, you’re in a real experience paid with each attain of your plant. Along those lines, you can procure somewhere within the variety of sixty eight€ and 1200€ in line with cycle, the cycles fluctuate as in line with the assortment of the plant. You will find at the net-based totally nursery the condition of the flowers at every stage.

For example, the JuicyFlash application permits you to purchase a pot clone for fifty€. When the acquire is achieved, that is 108 days after the reality, you could exchange your grams. On account of JuicyFlash, the value could be 1,50€ consistent with gram. So if you obtain 50 grams from this plant, you may create an advantage of 25€. Now, you can determine to drag out your € seventy-five or reinvest your capital.

Store cash on the Juicy Fields level

To buy your ft and start the e-lifestyle, picks are reachable to you.

By SEPA-type financial institution pass.

By cryptographic money alternate.

The upside of the crypto instalment is the speed, truly, your request could be approved within the hour. Ensure you ship the unique upload as much as the proper area and be careful with withdrawal prices from unified virtual cash trades like Binance.

As to through financial institution move, the exchange can be similarly as quick with second movements presented by using N26, Revolut or Boursorama. In any case count 24 to seventy-two hours depending upon your financial institution.

Pull out coins from the Juicy Fields stage

When your acquire is accomplished, it’ll be a perfect opportunity to offer it to get well your benefit. Relax, Juicy Fileds will repurchase your yield. After the deal, the advantages are straightforwardly present inside the “Benefit Balance” on you in which you may unreservedly reinvest in ft or pull out your cash.

The withdrawal techniques are equivalent to for the store.