What are circle lenses?

What are circle lenses?

Actually, the circle lenses are famous in all over the Asian countries. In reality, these lenses are originated from South Korea. Still, now, its popularity has skyrocketed and also has spread across the various locations of the world including the US. Well, these circle lenses are similar to the normal colored contact lenses apart from the fact that they offer you the illusion of a larger iris. Many of these lenses have a thick outer rim to them, and some do not. Also, the circle lenses are differed in sizes based on how enlarged you need your iris to look. Moreover, these lenses differ from 14.0 mm that is very small and as big as 16.0 mm. For this specific reason, they are known as circle lens, instead of a normal term such as contact lens.

At present, these lenses are coming in a wide array of colors and styles as well. From the natural appearing lenses, they would offer you a good amount of enlargement or a simple variation in color to the very ultimate idealistic appearing lenses, which seems almost like a costume. Due to these effects, these lenses are most famous among young adults and teenagers as a fashion accessory. Even many of the people can use it as an accessory, so these circle lenses are readily available with the prescription on websites all over the world. Another thing you may need to know about these specific lenses is that they are quite thicker than the normal contact lenses as prescribed by the optometrist and the time you wear them will also vary.

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Are circle lenses safe?

In these days, the circle lenses have been obtaining a lot more recognized by the teens and youngsters. Usually, wearing of contact lenses can be quite risky, especially if you do not follow the right hygiene and cleaning method, which is laid out by the lens manufacturer or advise by the qualified eye doctors and optometrists. Therefore, these circle lenses have no exception. Normally, these circle lenses have been manufactured by reputable companies with the help of numerous qualified certifications. Overall, the circle lenses can be safe and also can be very risky at the same time.

What you must know before buying circle lenses?

When it comes to purchasing and handling your circle lenses, below are a few tips to be considered that includes:

  • Always keep storing your lenses in multi-purpose solution for around 6 hours before use.
  • Do not use it directly from the vial.
  • Always keep your fingernails trimmed and do not use a sharp object to handle your lens.
  • You should only use your fingertips to handle your contact lens.
  • Also, do not use the tap water or worst as well as you do not rinse your lenses with saliva.
  • You should keep remembering the expiry date of contact lenses and then replace them regularly as indicated.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses while wearing sleeping, swimming or performing any activities that might have contact with your eyes for a long period of time.