Violence against females? Who will give hands to them?

Violence against females? Who will give hands to them?

The freedom firm is an organization that is suited in India to the welfare of girls. It is created in 2006 by a little gathering with the mission of protecting sex-trafficked girls, regaining their identity, and seeking justice against the responsible. Nowadays kidnap, seduces cases are increasing rapidly. So, the parents are in panic and melancholy while thinking about their home females. Parents always think about their children’s safety in society. Some kidnappers kidnap the child and blackmail the guardian with demanded money. On the other hand, the kidnapers’ sale the girl/ladies by force to the brothel. If a girl or lady affect by seduced, The Freedom Firm ¬†supports them to recover and fighting for justice. Mostly minor-aged girls are trapped in the kidnappers or by a teenage boy in the name of love. They pretend as a gentle in the presence of the girls. To avoid this kind of issue, the organization gives instructions to the females. They need a considerable awareness to escape from their trap (brothel).

The Freedom Firm

The freedom fire’s significant

This organization workers grant counseling, education, and medicine to the affected people and show a new life. The workers get punishment by the accused by fighting against them by law. This incredible organization’s founders are Greg and Mala Malastead. They joined in International Justice Mission in Mumbai and struggles for women’s welfare. They create outstanding social workers, detectives, investigators, lawyers, and doctors to protect and getting justice for this anti-sex trafficked. The organization rescue over 350 girls from the commercial of the prostitute in the different cities of India since it has been started. The secure the victims to hand over to the court to strengthen the evidence. Everything needs a shred of evidence to prove something. Many girls are attempt suicide by this depression. The freedom fire cures them completely. They give freedom to females and take care of them very consciously. The freedom fire takes volunteers for this precious work.

The organization protects from the violence against females, and they provide jobs for volunteers. The social workers calmly consulting the patient and teach the right touch and bad touch, along with identifying a relationship correctly. The organization shared their contact details to inform the violence against females.

These days posters and notice boards are everywhere contain various information. The department of women studies plays a vital role in creating awareness mainly for minor girls. The freedom fire suggests the parents watch their children’s activities. Whenever we switched on the television or read the newspaper, the top news placed for harassment and murder. If a girl refuses to go to the brothel, she will be blackmailed continually, emotionally with some videos and the parent’s life. This service saves many girls’ life and identity. The girls who left from their home due to small misunderstanding or fight with the parents are affected much. There are many gangsters to kidnap for money and lust, however an affected girl may come out from them the girl must convey the crime to the police or parents. It surely saves other girls’ life and identity. The freedom firm will not rest without getting justice for the victims.