The Spy App That You Surely Need here

The Spy App That You Surely Need here

According to my observations, about a quarter of children receive their first smartphone in kindergarten, and in the first or second class there are only a few units without a phone. Even if parents don’t really want to give such a gift, the situation often leads to this: we want to know that everything is in order with the child, we want his classmates not to tease him for the “backwardness” well, you yourself understand all this. With the use of phone spy app is essential there.

phone spy app

What’s on the other side of the scale? The child will spend hours playing with toys and videos on Youtube, meet pedophiles on the Internet, crash the device or lose it. Now the good news: the “other scales” can be greatly facilitated by reducing these risks. You have to pay for it with your time and a small amount of money, but parental peace is worth it.

Set up the smartphone for the child correctly

Before diving into technical details, let’s agree on what installations we will proceed from. If you agree with the position described below, the instruction will come in handy “as is” otherwise you will have to “twist” it yourself in the direction of more stringent or, on the contrary, more democratic settings.

All the children play, and that’s fine

Do not have illusions games will account for 50 to 99 percent of the time when the child’s phone screen is on. But we must ensure that this time does not add up to many hours every day.

The Internet is like the sea. We teach cheating but under supervision

You take your child to the pool and learn to swim? “Swim” on the Internet, too, you need to learn – look for information, distinguish false from true, analyze and use. But, of course, not alone – using the Network without adult supervision at this age is undesirable.

Communication is intimate

We are not going to get into the correspondence of the child and generally in his phone – except in extreme cases.

Apple or Google

Both of the most popular mobile platforms have built-in parental control tools, but Android has more options for additional customization. In addition, if you buy a phone for the full price, it would be better if it was low – what if the phone is still lost, broken, or stolen? So, the choice is again in favor of Android.

IOS can be preferred if the price is not important at all, and all other devices in the family are also from Apple. Here you can read about how to set up “childish” iOS, though it’s true there are a tablet and younger children. And in this article we will focus on Android smartphones and junior high school students.

Basics: Google Account

Your child’s phone will need a Google account, but, according to the terms of service, it can only be started for children from 13 years old. Therefore, you’ll have to make a little complication and create an additional account for yourself (we assume that you also have an Android phone or at least an account in Gmail and Google Play).