The Smartest Options for the Best Barbershop Choices

The Smartest Options for the Best Barbershop Choices

Did you know that the barber trade has existed since the Middle Ages? At that time, the barber did not only take care of cutting the beards of the bourgeois, but also bleed and offered medical assistance. Today, his role has again turned towards the treatment of facial hair. A specialist in shaving, beard care and male hair, the barber is a true expert dedicated to men. How to choose a barber? Follow these 5 tips to choose your best Salt Lake City barber shop .

  1. A true professional

In the last ten years, the phenomenon of “metrosexual” men has encouraged the male sex to be more attentive to their appearance. This is why more and more men have their own trusted barber. Whether you are bearded, mustachioed or clean-shaven, you can certainly cure your hair on its own, but you can also entrust this task to a professional: the barber. However, for an optimal result, it is important to choose a true professional.

  1. A good counselor

Thanks to the return of the 3-day beard fashion, then to the success of the lumberjack beard, in recent years the figure of the barber has returned in vogue. This specialist skillfully handles scissors and razors to achieve the desired appearance. Fine connoisseur, he is always on the hunt for the latest trends, in the same way, that a hairdresser is aware of the most fashionable hairstyles.

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When choosing your barber, he favors the idea of ​​a visa gist barber, especially if it is the first time. He will advise you on the best style to adopt, based on your face and your type of hair.

  1. Quality equipment

Furthermore, to get the best possible result, it is important to choose a barber who has the equipment and quality products. Of course, salon hygiene must be impeccable. Then choose a barber who uses professional and quality tools, such as a Japanese razor, to better follow the contours of your ears, shave your beard as finely as possible or define the contours of the same.

  1. A pleasant environment

From the moment you spend an hour or two at your barber, you also take into account the pleasant environment. Before deciding, don’t hesitate to visit several salons. It will be an opportunity to perceive the general atmosphere, meet the staff, and check the hygiene status.

  1. An accessible salon

In general, the beard grows fast enough (about 0.3 millimeters per day) and its hair is the thickest of the body. Furthermore, the growth rate increases up to 35 years. At this rate, you will need to go to the barber quite frequently.

Long live the tradition. The classic rituals of a good beard must all be there. 15-20 minutes is the time required? It starts with being soaped. Never spray foam, the cream is obtained by “mounting” the soap with a damp brush. The mixture is spread on the face and neck, performing a pleasant massage with the brush. Then we move on to shaving. Then a warm decongestant cotton cloth that envelops the face: if the skin is particularly irritated, up to 4 can be used. It ends with the vaporized aftershave and the classic massage.

To simplify your life, it would, therefore, be advisable to choose an easily accessible salon near your home or your workplace.