The Right Barber – That’s How You Find Him

The Right Barber – That’s How You Find Him

To be honest, haircuts are often a spontaneous action, because there is just one hour left or you just cannot see yourself in the mirror in the morning. In these cases, often just proximity and price decide on the choice of hairdressing. Unfortunately, it almost always avenges simply to have visited the next or cheapest hairdresser.

Along with the changing lifestyle for men when it comes to lace cutting, the risk is still relatively low. But with new hair color and a fundamentally different cut, you should take the trouble to choose your hair artist carefully. Our tips make it easy to find a barbier à saint omer that suits you best and that you can trust (almost) blindly.

Research carefully

Personal recommendations are still the surest way to hairstyle happiness. Ask friends whose haircuts you’ve always liked. If it is a personal tip, then do not forget to mention this at the beginning of the appointment – hairdressers then usually special efforts again.

Take a look at rating portals on the Internet. Make sure that a hairdresser has more than one (in case of doubt written) recommendation. If you have a certain idea or are looking for a specialist in organically grown organic products because you also use them at home, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are just what you’re looking for. Just ask in groups that are active in your city – of course, you can also go the opposite way and find out which saloon you should absolutely avoid.

Rely on the first impression

barbier à saint omer

Call the salon of your shortlist first and ask for a consultation appointment. Make it clear that you do not want to get cut right away, but get an impression first, and wait for the reaction. If it stays consistently friendly, professional and interested, that’s a good sign.

Alternatively, if you can spare some time, visit the barber of your shortlist. Within five minutes, someone should be available for counseling. If the salon does not have its own reception, watch the procedure. Then one of the hairdressers has to get up from a treatment to come to you, and of course, the same thing can happen when you’re at it.

Is the salon clean and tidy, but does it make a lively and creative impression? Take a look at shelves, shelves, and baskets: Good hairdressers value first-class, high-quality branded products. Please ask why this brand is being used. You should get a sound, well-founded answer.

The pricing is important. If the salon is too cheap, this must be compensated by as many customers and a quick run. Be prepared to spend a little more but ask again precisely what exactly is included in the quoted prices. The more accurate the individual modules of full packages are, the more trustworthy.

Trying to go beyond studying but risk-free

If you are really looking for a living room relationship for life, a small test run is also worthwhile. Make an appointment only for washing, grooming, and styling. You can quickly determine whether you feel comfortable and how it is ordered to the little extras that distinguish a barber in front of others. Take the chance to find out more about your stylist, his experience, and personal preferences. Ask him which style or color he would recommend. This should basically be linked to a few questions regarding your person.