The Building As Per Your Options Now

The Building As Per Your Options Now

PVC is the most common material for a veranda because it is the cheapest. On the other hand, unlike wood, PVC does not require any particular maintenance apart from washing with simple soapy water. A PVC veranda also has the advantage of being well insulated, and more particularly if it is equipped with double glazing. PVC does not, however, allow style effects. A veranda built in this material will indeed necessarily be white since PVC cannot be painted. Finally, PVC does not age well. In the case of the Eric Arnoux Real Estate option, this is important.

An aluminum veranda

The aluminum veranda is considered the most interesting in terms of value for money. First, this material adapts perfectly to any style of home. Then, it does not require any maintenance. Only cleaning with soapy water is required from time to time. Aluminum is also not susceptible to corrosion. Finally, due to its lightness, aluminum makes it possible to build large verandas with very different shapes. The only drawback of this material can be its poor insulation, especially for entry-level aluminum verandas.

A steel or wrought iron veranda

A steel or wrought iron veranda is the Rolls of verandas. These materials are suitable for homes with old or classic architecture, like the most contemporary. They are also very beautiful effect with stone facades. Steel and grooved iron are also available in many colors. Finally, once treated anti-corrosion, their lifespan is very long.

Defining the use of your veranda

The choice of material and shape of your veranda depends on the use you will make of this additional room. You have to think about it beforehand. Do you want to live on your veranda all year round? It will, therefore, be necessary to install a heater, protections against the sun and take care of its insulation. Will the veranda be for you only a sheltered room that acts as a block between your house and the garden, and arranged as a relaxation area? With all these elements, you will be able to define the type of veranda that is best suited to your use, to decide to have a more costly standard, kit or custom-made veranda built.

How much does it cost to build a veranda?

The price of a veranda depends on the one hand on its material and, on the other hand, on its surface. For a wooden veranda, you must count on a minimum budget of 800 dollars and up to 1700 dollars per m². The highest average price for a PVC veranda is 1000 dollars per m². Given its durability over time and its aesthetics, an aluminum veranda has a higher cost, from 1000 to 2500 dollars per m² on average. Finally, the prices for a wrought iron or steel veranda, a high-end solution, vary from 2,000 to 2,500 dollars per m² on average.

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Having a house built is the dream of a majority of people. But the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. The construction of a house remains a project that is studied upstream: construction budget, various costs, choice of land, materials. There are many strategies to implement to prevent most of the problems that may arise over the month.