The Big Dreams of the Rhodes Scholar

The Big Dreams of the Rhodes Scholar

Dr Maureen Dunne happens to be the CEO, founder and the UQ Life chief scientist. She is the Rhodes Scholar who is working over educational technology which is about the usage of the most advanced researches in the field of neuroscience to develop all the new platforms in the learning process as well as the health of the brain. Previously Maureen was the chief science officer working in brain science labs. At present, she happens to be the Code for Autism founder. Code for Autism is the nonprofit organisation having the goal of improving people’s lives from autism spectrum disorders. Maureen has her double specialisations in cognitive sciences in her bachelors and post-graduation, and then she has also completed her M.Sc. and D.Phil. Along with postdoctoral training in the subject, she is now pursuing.

The Interest for the Brain

Maureen is an avid reader with her fascination on the brain and its change throughout the lifespan. She reads different books on this matter to explore more about it. For her, the learning process continues with the aid of the books.

Her Wish in Her work

She wishes to make education more skill oriented, and that is why she thinks that the existing learning models available in the schools and other institution require to be modified. In the area of cognition, endless advancements have taken place with the support of the development of brain science and more updated technology. In the last ten years, such avid advancement has made institutional knowledge utterly outdated. Therefore she wishes a proper refurbishment of the same. Even when she was working at the brain science labs, she used to find how her researches could be turned useful for the real world. From the projects related to artificial intelligence to the new games available, she was in favour of making use of all these discoveries into the use in the real world.

In UQ Life

In other words, she was always interested in the assimilation between the theories and their utilities in the actual world. At the UQ life, she, along with her colleagues made a platform for the cross-functional process of education that is the combination of neuroscience, play and social support for improving the learning skills of the larger mass. They started keeping the vision that they should make the people aware of the potentials that they have inside and yet they do not know about them.

Rhodes Scholar

From her own experience, Maureen is aware that with the right tool usage and the right mentors, the changes can be brought in the whole world. The platform is mainly for the process of skill development, which includes the games and different interactive experiences between the learner and the mentor. This was what she does for her work.

Her Leisure Time

In her leisure time, she paints something that she uses to do when she was in Oxford. Apart from this she also likes to visit the art galleries or play the Piano. Her exceptional variety of activities makes her a very important person in the field of Neuroscience.