Shopfitting: Successfully modernizing the shop design

Shopfitting: Successfully modernizing the shop design

From time to time, retailers are reshaping their businesses. For example, when a new manager arrives, or to provide the customer with the best and most modern shopping experience possible. However, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to shopfitting: from the frequency of modernization, the extent of the changes, to the decision whether or not you need to close the store in the meantime. We will show you what is important in modern shop design, explain to you which mistake you should avoid and give you valuable tips along the way. For refurbishing the Second-hand shop this is important.

Reasons for a shop conversion

  • Create clarity and order
  • Optimize the shopping experience for the customers
  • Publicity at the reopening
  • Dispose of old and broken and modernize (lighting, cooling, goods placement, etc.)
  • Transform shop development into new trends
  • Set modern and attractive accents
  • Redefinition of core competence

Why you should regularly redesign your business

For all seasonal events, most store retailers are planning shop design changes. At Easter, Christmas or Halloween, the salesrooms are modernized and decorated accordingly and rebuilt the store. The assortment is extended to such events you often do not pass a shop conversion. They need space in the shopfitting for the new goods and have to rearrange existing articles and present everything optimally. Apart from that, you always have to keep an eye on the needs of your customers. Questions that you may ask before redesigning the shop are, for example:

  • Are the roads wide enough?
  • Are the routes right?
  • Are your customers getting close to the goods?
  • Are these presented in an appealing way?
  • Are there any events for which appropriate decorations are sensible?
  • Is my product range clearly arranged?

As soon as you realize that you cannot answer any of the above questions with a clear yes, it’s time to modernize your store design. Make sure your customer likes to come to you and give your business a harmonious overall impression.

It depends on many factors, whether you transform your shop equipment completely or only partially. If the customers are basically satisfied, you will hardly be able to redesign the entire salesroom for a new collection.

Tip: While decorative measures can be operated with little effort, in the case of the complete refurbishment of the object furnishings, you may have to close your shop for a short time. Although you are losing sales in the meantime, however, reopening after a store change will bring new interest to your existing and new customers.

Second-hand shop

Shop conversion: You should avoid these mistakes

So that shopfitting or the modernization of your retail business runs as smoothly as possible, we have compiled a few things for you that you should absolutely avoid when implementing the store conversion:

  • Not enough time to plan the new shop design
  • Everything alone
  • Ignore expert and colleagues advice
  • Wrong investment priorities in-store conversion
  • Exaggerated wishful thinking for modernization

Conclusion: modernize store design – Reveal and repair grievances

There are a few things to keep in mind when rebuilding the store such as the level of investment, the right distribution of individual items and goods, the customer experience and the perception of the customers. As such, your store design should be redesigned on a large scale at most once a year, with minor changes you can make more frequently. Analyze any deficiencies in advance and improve them specifically by the shop conversion.