Reports in ancient and modern years.

Reports in ancient and modern years.

In previous years the people who work as auditors to landlords and to zamindar they used to write to keep the reports which they buy or sell the products or a thing. These Sales Reports are very helpful to know that the income and outcome of those sold products. These reports were check and submitted at the end of the month. But in the ancient years, the reports were written and submitted at the end of the crop sales or the completion of the yielding in their land such as the three months crop cultivation or two months crop cultivation.

Monthly Sales Reports

Advantages of sales report:

  1. Reports were check-in twice in a month and the Monthly Sales Reports  which are based on crop cultivation.
  2. Reports are written by a pen and there is a day to day entry.
  3. They enter the cash details and how much they spent on the cultivation.
  4. These types of reports may help to check the profit and loss.
  5. They entry the salary was paid to the laborers who work in their land.

Disadvantages of sales report:

  1. There will be mistakes done in the calculation or entry of the cash details.
  2. The written reports were not long for many more years.
  3. They can able to use the report written note for only one year.
  4. Sometimes there will be the missing of some details which have entered in various notes.
  5. The reports were maintained properly and there is no the day to day entry or an update day today.

Reports in modern days:

Nowadays the reports were entered into the computer which may be saved for more than a year when compared to the ancient days. These reports were entered in their system and there was a current update in the report submitting. Nowadays these reports are the most important for multi-national companies which are more famous in the city. The reports were given at the end of the month and they check it for the development of an organization or a company. These reports were decided and these are the best results and outcomes of the development company as in a good way or the feedback of the company and reviews of the company is also be best in that city because of the report submitting. These reports were automatically entered into their systems.

Advantages of report submitting:

  1. They check the reports from day today.
  2. There is a daily update in the report submitting.
  3. Reports are safer for long years.
  4. Reports were saved in the systems and these reports may help to the development of the company.

Disadvantages of report submitting:

  1. If there is any technical problem happens the total reports were having a chance of missing.
  2. There is a chance of stealing their reports by hacking the systems and which these reports are the key to success.
  3. Sometimes the reports do not possess any possible ways for the development.

These are the reports which were in the ancient and modern days. The reports were the key tool for the success and development of the company.