Look for Your Options in the real Estate Designs

Look for Your Options in the real Estate Designs

What good is it not to suffer from heat in your home but to feel in a stuffy place? Taking Rio de Janeiro as an example, where temperatures and humidity are usually high, making use of natural ventilation is a great resource. It could even be said to be fundamental for life not only in this city but in Brazil as a whole, especially if you are considering the increase in electricity costs lately and are thinking of saving by decreasing the time that the air conditioning stays on. From the Eric Arnoux Real Estate blogs you can know the best options now.

Have you heard of cross ventilation?

This type of ventilation includes placing spans such as doors and windows on opposite or adjacent walls and in the orientation of local winds e.g. north-south, east-west. See how good it is? If not, just think that this way you place the wind in and out places in the direction of their flow in the region of their construction.

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Do not leave the bathroom in common areas

Just imagine you getting visitors and at some point decides to take a shower. When you’re done, you wrap yourself in the towel and head for your room, right where the visitors are. Or take all your clothes to the bathroom and change your clothes there. Both situations are unpleasant, do you agree?

A very common mistake made when designing the layout of a house is to place the bathroom overlooking areas of common use. When planning your floor plan, care must be taken so that the bathroom door is not completely facing the rooms or the kitchen. The ideal is that it is close to the rooms, in a corridor, for example, and if it is just a bathroom for the whole house, that it has easy access also for visits. This ensures the privacy of the user and avoids discomfort for those present.

Group wet areas

Hydraulic installations correspond to 7% to 11% of the total value of the work. However, by using some gimmicks, the cost of hydraulic piping can be reduced. For this, the wet areas, i.e. bathrooms, kitchens and service areas must be close together. In addition to this proximity, when two of these rooms are adjacent, sharing the same hydraulic wall is also an economical alternative.

Another important detail that reduces costs is the positioning of the water tank. This should preferably be done near these wet areas. Thus, the water pressure in the equipment will be higher and the expenses with pipes for distribution will be lower.

Division of rooms without walls

A trick that is widely used today is the use of furniture and objects to separate different spaces. Besides not having to go through all the inconvenience of a work, which would be necessary to raise a wall, this idea is practical, cheaper and gives the feeling that the room space is larger. This trick is widely used and recommended in small spaces. But it works for any type of space, even the largest.

Imagine furniture layout instead of just making the plan

Most people, when building a house, are more concerned with the plant and not so much with the furniture. But the arrangement of the furniture is extremely important to take into account when planning the space or a room.