IT News – EthiHak 2019

IT News – EthiHak 2019

Time is going to count for the contest Ethihak 2019 which is the latest IT security news rolling over! The reason for the contest EthiHak to be organized is to showcase all the talents between the ages 14 to 25,and this is the 4th consecutive year which the competition is going on. In this year the game is going to happen at the conference Infocom security 2019. This is the year the contest EthiHak will also be hosting the qualifiers for the ESCS 2k19 which is to be held at the place Bucharest. The registration process has now been opened,and it is as follows. If you wanted to be the one in the competition,you have to mention the age,and there is the team create a team that means the units can join the CTF on the platform called the hack the box and the team will be having only a single player.

Register for the contest


In the left menu, of the CT page, there will be the option for joining the EthiHak. For more detailed information on the process and how you have to proceed, the terms of the contest or the competition, you can always get informed through the notification. Own pc should be brought along with you for the participation,and this should not be forgotten. If you wanted to compete, you should also know that you will not be able to get the 1000 euros worth prize amount in case not won,but you have all other gifts which are productive for everyone who had participated in the contest.

The contest is going to happen in the secretariat of the EthiHak,and this is the meeting point on April 17 of this year. An email also can be sent to SecNews for further assistance regarding the contest and there exists the scoreboard which is visible online, and this will get updated in time based on the contestants’ presentation and the performance. The competition is not the single challenge; it is the set of problems which will be evaluated and also which will be graded. The highest score on the scoreboard is going to be picked and announced as the winner.

Terms and conditions

There are also names of the EthiHak contest,and only natural persons have the right to do the participation in the contest. The competition will be excluding the employees of the smart press, hack box and the IT site the duration of the contest is from morning 10 to evening 5 on the 17th of April in the year 2019. The participation is expected to be the honest one,and that is considered to be the will all the fields been filled in the form. The winners will be awarded on 18 of April,and this is after the competition ended and this will be published on the social media and the websites such as the tackle box and the smart press along with the the participation in the contest EthiHak is free, and this will be the live competition.