Ideas for Led Lighting in Stadium

Ideas for Led Lighting in Stadium

In recent years interior designers have focused on lighting, a subject that has become no less important than others in the design and furnishing of the home. A successful arrangement of the lights in fact immediately makes any room warmer and more welcoming and enhances its character, highlighting its strong points. The same is true for the light tower rentals also.

High reliability, long life, high efficiency and low power consumption: these are the strengths of LEDs. A technical revolution that is transforming the design of luminaires the reduced dimensions of the LEDs allow slender and less invasive load-bearing structures, in which the presence physics of the same light source can even apparently lose substance with the LED strips.

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The LED strips offer excellent solutions in the various rooms of the house and, in addition to intensely illuminating, they are able to enhance the details of a room and the designer furnishings. The LED strips are also very scenic because they allow you to create special lighting effects.


  • Try to place an LED strip along the stairs to get a really sophisticated effect.
  • Also on the ceiling arranged flush with the wall, they are ideal for highlighting a particular wall-type wall finish or a vintage brick wall.
  • Use the dimming systems that are to regulate the intensity of the light, to create different atmospheres, according to the moments of the day and the needs.
  • You can get a dramatic effect if placed in the compartments of bookcases and living room furniture.
  • The luminous LEDs are not afraid of water and can also be applied to the outside, ideal for creating special lighting scenes even on terraces and gardens.
  • Even in an open space, LED lighting can make the difference, delimiting environments and increasing the perception of spaces.
  • You can apply them in the bathroom, behind the mirror, along the upper and lower sides. In this way, they direct the light beam downwards and illuminate the sink area.

Support during the service life

Lighting infrastructure is one of the most valuable and important assets of your organization. Therefore such investments need protection. Thanks to a suitable maintenance plan and remote support, an expert can help you extend the life of the equipment and optimize its performance, reducing the number of failures and the number of unexpected expenses.

For absolute peace of mind, you can give Philips full control of your lighting infrastructure. This will help you comprehensive services that include all stages from design and installation to the smooth operation and maintenance. Even consider economic sustainability as a factor and help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether they are soccer fields with more than 100,000 spectators or local sports clubs with a capacity of just 100 spectators, it makes no difference. In order to receive high-quality lighting, special precautions are needed, which will benefit both the players on the field and the view from the stands. Efficient lighting systems for small and large sports facilities, as well as a better view also help to save on operating costs, drastically reducing routine maintenance costs.