Facebook data report and Facebook ads guide

Facebook data report and Facebook ads guide

Facebook is an American app online social media. Facebook is very popular most of people like to use social media. Facebook became an essential need for people. According to research, Facebook is popularly used by people this is the first social media installed by people. Facebook is associated with many other online apps. With the help of Facebook, facebook ad metrics was developed. Face book’s primary color is blue and a source code transformer. This is created in C++ java production. Facebook is very popular in the modern world because with the help of social media people get benefits. That is people can easily interact with other country people. People can develop other state people’s friendships and get other country people’s friendships also. Facebook had more benefits like the Facebook group in that group people share various information and also discuss their business topics.

There are also some disadvantages on Facebook that is, if you want to log in Facebook you must add your personal information like age, gender, education qualification, etc. This is easily stele by other people. People upload their photos also there is safety for their photos. There are many fake ID is also created by people this may help to cheat people and collect their personal information and photos. After they can blackmail the person this creates a big issue.

facebook ad metrics

Facebook ads guide

Facebook ads must be attractive. There is the availability of Facebook ads guide this can help you to explain the format and procedure to be followed. There are many procedures is available to provide the best ads. This is not a simple job lot of issue is face by people. If you create an attracted add you get more customers. This is the great advantage of Facebook, below some ad formats, are discussed.

Ad formats

Facebook provides some ad formats to create a perfect and attractive addition. We can create colorful videos also. Some of the best ideas are given below.

Video add

In Facebook, high-quality ads are available without letter format. In an advertisement video creation, some requirements are available. That is, the video ratio is must be from 9:16 to 16:9. There are limited file sizes and shape is also provided this is very essential because proper size is very important to provide a video on Facebook. Video sound is very important because the high volume makes an irritation for people. People may avoid videos. This sound maintenance is very essential. Vertical videos also allow for a video some ratio also provided that it is 4:5. People can explore 360 videos by turning their device.

Images in ad development

In Facebook add images also available to explore their business. There is also some rules and procedure is designed. The file type must be in jpg or png. The image ratio is must be in 1.91:1 to 4:5 this ration is must be followed. Highest resolution images were must upload in advertisements. There is a link images video also uploaded by people. This gives perfection for the advertisements. Panoramas or 360 photos may appear on Facebook. These kinds of pictures provide clarity and uniqueness to their advertisement.