Detailed Verification of the Employee

Detailed Verification of the Employee

After conducting the research on healthcare screening , the information follows for an evaluation of a specialized professional who is part of the legal area of ​​the company.

What would be the requirements for me to perform this information gathering? For individuals, you will need your full name, social security number and the city where you live. For legal entities, the Company Name and CNPJ are enough.

How can we exemplify this? Let’s imagine the information gathering of a company:

  • Distribution of lawsuits
  • Cadastral status of corporate structure
  • Registration with competent bodies
  • The contract status of incorporation

Where to find this information?

Currently, resources abound for information. It may sound daunting, but the internet provides a wealth of public information about people and businesses.

Depending on the type of information you need, you can use free platforms and paid platforms. We know that as much as free plans may be good for the moment, information is limited as well as resources. Paid platforms, on the other hand, can provide more accurate information about the situation of the researched entity, for example, registrations, certificates, situation in regulatory agencies and several other existing sources.

How to evaluate the results?

The Background Check results evaluation process is what will play a key role in the decision-making process. As such, they are based on the information you may entail in some kind of risk to the company that is evaluating the entities. Let’s exemplify in two ways. You will build two stories, one based on individual and one based on corporate:

Individual Example

Let’s take the example used in the introduction. Therefore, the company needs two employees to list its financial department. We know that the finance department is an area where we make monetary records of the company and makes payments, so there is a movement of money in the industry, so it is rated as a risk industry.

The selection process performed will go through 4 stages, they are:

  • Screening of resumes.
  • Group dynamic.
  • Background Check.

After completing the first two processes, some candidates are selected to participate in the individual interview. After the interview process, the company selects the two employees that fit the profile they are looking for in the financial area. But it’s not over yet. The company needs to do the background check to see if the candidates have any background list that may signal a character deviation.

We know that in selection processes and interviews, candidates need to sell their fish, so sometimes they omit or invent information. After performing the background check process, the company realizes that one of the candidates has a very negative background list, which contains information on:

  • Criminal record
  • History of lawsuits and labor lawsuits with other companies

After analyzing this information, the company decides not to hire this candidate, considering it a risk factor due to the history of labor lawsuits.

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Example of legal entity

Now, the company for example, is in a negotiation situation with suppliers. The company has started a process of implementation of new suppliers, for the acquisition of raw material. Before starting the implementation process, your company had already received some contacts from potential suppliers. Thus, decided to start a negotiation process with 3 potential suppliers, seeking a low cost and a quality product.