Bring the Best of Literature for You

Bring the Best of Literature for You

The e-book electronic format makes it possible to read a book on various electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers, smartphones or computers. The e-book, abbreviation of the electronic book or digital book, allows everyone to write, distribute and also sell his books whether novels, cookbooks or souvenirs, essays, poems or professional manuals. With the literature supply services you can have the perfect choices now.

In this guide, you will learn how to read an e-book and the different software or e-book reader applications in epub and Mobi format. The e-book is like all its digital counterparts a file format as can be a Word file with its extension .doc or a PDF file with its extension .pdf. The e-book file usually has two file formats namely the EPUB file and the MOBI file. For the ePub e-book digital format in its vast majority, its extension is .epub. So the e-book of a novel will be named .epub.

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At Amazon it’s different. Here the e-book format is the .mobi extension. But do not forget that an e-book is neither more nor less than a digital file. That is, the ability to read a book on a screen. So Word files, free office, PDF, epub, Mobi and others are e-books.

And everyone reads e-books

For the anecdote, think about the time you spend reading on a screen? If you sum up all these pages of reading, at the end of the day you will have read a big book in e-book format. And imagine now that instead of reading all this content on the screen, these pages turn into a paper book would you have had the same desire or patience to read the same content on a paper book? So no need to argue about who read e-books because everyone reads e-books. It is only a choice of support to read a book on paper or on a screen.

How to read an e-book

However, when we think e-book it is of course to speak of book. A book is a content, a story, and a novel that reads in a container or a medium namely a format that is either paper or digital. But you would take the ease to designate an e-book, a book written by an author who wants to convert his file the content in digital format.

E-book in epub format

So when you want to buy an e-book, most online booksellers sell you their e-books in a particular format. It is the e-book format ePub which is the most answered and allows to sell his book at Apple, Kobo, Fnac, Google. The PDF format is less and less sold because it does not bring the same comfort of use and drive as EPUB e-book format.

E-book in Mobi format

But at Amazon it’s different. Amazon chose to create a proprietary e-book format. This allows him to sell his own e-readers and tablets and master the reading and buying software on Android and iOS. So Amazon’s e-book format is the Mobi. There are also other extensions like KPF or AWZ. In any case, if you buy an e-book at Amazon, it will necessarily be in one of these formats.

It is a fact of expression of language because this format does not exist as we have just seen. In fact, the Kindle is the Amazon brand that designates both e-readers and tablets such as the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader than these Kindle Fire HD tablets. But Kindle is also the name of its online paper book store and especially an e-book.